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Looking for a vet practice, vet surgeon or vet nurse?

Welcome to Find a Vet – the most comprehensive database of veterinary professionals and practices in the UK.

You can use Find a Vet to search for:

  • veterinary practices,
  • vet surgeons, and
  • vet nurses.

Using our search function, you can find detailed information on practices and professionals, including:

  • the registration status of vets and vet nurses,
  • which vets have Specialist or Advanced Practitioner status,
  • which species a practice treats,
  • practice opening times,
  • practice location and contact details,
  • whether or not a practice is RCVS-accredited,
  • the RCVS awards a practice has achieved.

Looking for a Riding Establishment Inspector?

You can find details about Riding Establishment Inspectors on our professionals website.

The practice I go to is not on Find a Vet

Appearing on Find a Vet is optional for veterinary practices and not all of them choose to have their details published here.

All veterinary professionals registered with the RCVS are searchable via Find a Vet Surgeon and Find a Vet Nurse. However, individuals may opt out of appearing in the staff lists of practice records. 

If you are looking for details of a veterinary practice, surgeon or nurse and can’t find them, please contact us

Commercial use

Find a Vet should only be used for individual and private searches. It should not be used for collecting large volumes of data for marketing and/or commercial purposes.