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Welcome to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons' website for animal owners

Happy with your vet?

The RCVS is the regulatory body for veterinary surgeons in the UK and, more recently, veterinary nurses.

So, on this website, you will see a lot of information about concerns and disciplinary procedures.

But we would hate for you to go away thinking it’s all doom and gloom. In fact, we only receive about 7-800 complaints a year about veterinary surgeons, and have approximately 18,000 practising members. And, following our robust investigation process, only around one per cent of those complaints reach the disciplinary stage, the final tribunal.

That works out at about one complaint per vet every 15 years of their working lives.

This means that the vast majority of clients of veterinary surgeons are happy with the service they and their animals receive.

If you agree, tell your veterinary practice team!

If, sadly, you are one of the small minority who have had a problem, then contact your practice so that they are aware and can take steps to rectify the problem.

If you feel that your practice has not been able to allay your concerns, then please contact us to raise a concern.


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