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RCVS Knowledge - Trustees recruitment - RCVS Knowledge

... Knowledge - Trustees recruitment 8 July 2014 549kb PDF RCVS Knowledge - Trustees. Candidate brief, July 2014. Your download should start automatically. If not ...

RCVS Knowledge Code of Conduct - RCVS Knowledge

... Knowledge Code of Conduct 7 May 2014 1124kb PDF RCVS Knowledge Code of Conduct for managing potential conflicts of interest Your download should start ...

RCVS Knowledge Library gift policy - RCVS Knowledge

... Knowledge Library gift policy Books donated or purchased for RCVS Knowledge Library are accepted on the understanding that the ownership is transferred to the RCVS ...

RCVS Knowledge privacy policy - RCVS Knowledge

... Knowledge privacy policy Protecting your privacy is very important to RCVS Knowledge. This policy describes how RCVS Knowledge collects and uses personal information about ...

RCVS Knowledge staff - RCVS Knowledge

RCVS Knowledge staff If you have a specific query about our work please contact the relevant member of staff. Declaration of Interests can be downloaded from the 'Related documents' box.   Nick Royle ...

RCVS Knowledge Strategic Plan - RCVS Knowledge

... Knowledge Strategic Plan 29 November 2013 237kb PDF RCVS Knowledge Strategic Plan 2013 - 2016 Your download should start automatically. If not download ...

RCVS launches consultation on the future of the RCVS Fellowship - RCVS Awards

... launches consultation on the future of the RCVS Fellowship 1 May 2014 We are seeking the views of the profession regarding new proposals for the ...

RCVS Library and Museum Collection - RCVS Knowledge

... Library and Museum Collection Key dates 1844 RCVS was formed after the Royal Charter was granted. 1853 College moves to 10, Red Lion Square which ...

RCVS Library and the Blitz - RCVS Knowledge

... few out of date items which people had donated, putting them down to being lost in the Blitz!"   The RCVS annual report of 1945/46 records that "although the Library has now been repaired, the restoration ...

RCVS News (June 2011) - RCVS

... News (June 2011) 8 June 2011 RCVS News - 1683kb PDF RCVS News is our official newsletter, which we publish three times a year in March, June and November. ...
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